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Medium Nickel Ring Carrier

Introduction:This is our new product made from a patented material. It is also used for the first piston ring groove of the internal combustion engine. The following physical and mechanical properties have been repeatedly tested by domestic authority institutes, universities, and well-known manufacturers for this Medium Nickel Austenitic Cast Iron; and all these agencies demonstrated that the product meets the requirements. These properties include: thermal expansion index, tensile strength, flexural strength, macro and micro hardness, microstructure, graphite morphology, thermal conductivity, elastic modulus, density, thermal diffusivity, aluminizing bond strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, capacity testing, engine testing, such as road testing. It is found that the thermal expansion co-efficiency and wear resistance of the medium nickel austenitic material are higher than high nickel austenitic material. It is more cost effective (15% ~ 25%) to use medium nickel piston ring carrier than high nickel aluminum piston ring carrier to provide the same physical and mechanical properties. This technology was patented, No.: 200710016240.0.